One Month is Here!

It’s coming down to the one month mark.  I’ve been here almost one month and this place already feels like my home away from home. Even though there have been struggles, adjusting hasn’t been that difficult. I’m still getting used to the little things; sharing a room with two people, realizing how fast money disappears, trying not to cry and call home every time something goes wrong.  I really have adjusted quite well. Yes, I miss home, but every time I feel homesick I just have to tell myself that I am studying in Europe, living on another continent, traveling the world, and experiencing so much.  That out ways any negative experience I have had.

I have made some of the most incredible friends since I’ve been here. We have become a small family and it makes dealing with homesickness easier knowing I have people that I can spend time with that are like my family.  It doesn’t do my mom’s home cooking or being able to see my brother or my sister justice, but having my friends has helped.

The past few weeks have been filled with fun. We have tried dutch pancakes. Different from American pancakes, but still do not lack in taste.  My daily diet includes peanut butter, which is actually a lot better than American peanut butter, Nutella and pasta.  Can’t complain, but it would be nice to have some real good cooking and not spend all of my money on that.  I guess in the end, I would rather travel as much as I can and eat peanut butter and Nutella.

Sophia, Emily and I finally moved into our triple room.  The room is huge, but the bathroom is smaller than an airplane bathroom. Our whole bathroom including the sink, toilette and shower is about my arms span long and a foot and a half wide.  Taking a shower is definitely a vigorous process. You can tell how frustrating it is because when someone is in the shower, you hear many curse words and elbows hitting the wall or accidentally turning off the water while you’re trying to shampoo your hair.  It’s quite an event.

In the month here we have met so many people from so many different places in the world.  It’s so nice to learn about all the different cultures from all over the world and then to see how interested people are in your culture.

The past few weeks we have been relaxing and enjoying Leiden. One night, we all were feeling a little exhausted and home sick and decided to have a movie night.  We made popcorn, ate chocolate, drank wine. It was the ultimate girls night.  Something I think we all needed to overcome our cases of homesickness.

I know everyone is dying to hear about classes, those are the least excited part yet.  I only have class three days a week and they all are in the late afternoon.  I thought to myself the other day about how I have yet to set and alarm for classes. It really is the most glorious feeling in the whole world to sleep, wake up whenever, and then get ready for class. It might be very difficult to come back to the states and have to actually work and wake up early.

Every time I’ve ever doubted my choice about coming here walking outside my door and looking at the view out of my window makes all those doubts go away. The past weeks have included school, which is pretty torturous, and planning trip after trip. I have almost spent all of my savings planning trips, but I know that it is completely worth it all.  After this week, we head to Barcelona, then Ireland, then we are off to Vienna and after that it’s spring break.  My time here will be almost half way over.  It’s bittersweet to already think about, so I try to occupy my mind with positive thoughts. But I still have three more months here, so I can smile and just think about all the excitement ahead! I miss my family like crazy.  Seeing my sister and brother, being able to just have that comfort knowing I can go home whenever I’d like is what I miss most.  And of course my mama. I send my love and best wishes to everyone at home. 


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