Roommates Reunited in Vienna, Austria

Our first few hours in Vienna were a little crazy to say the least.  When we arrived to the airport, our friends from home were supposed to meet us there, but of course in their normal fashion, I figured they would be late.

After meeting them, we began our adventure in Vienna.  The first night we celebrated a friend, who lives in Vienna, birthday.

The next morning we woke up and got ready to see the city.

We headed towards the city center by bus and metro. While in Vienna, I had never been on so many metro train or buses in my life.  To get to your destination it is two bus transfers, three metro stops and then you have to walk to your destination.  Very effective methods, but such a long process.

Our first sight seeing stop was the Belvedere Palace.  It is the royal families winter home.  Yes, just the winter home.  Nevertheless, it was beautiful. Gold plated architecture, sculpted landscape.  It was like a painted picture brought to life. Not to mention, it was the warmest day Vienna has had in a long time, so we felt a little special.

We walked through the park that the Belvedere palace sits on.  We admired all the views of the palace and walked around enjoying the sun.

When we finished exploring the palace, we went to the Nasctmarkt (a market square). It was wonderful. Aromas of all different sorts of food filled the air.  We ate pastries, cheese, vegetables and ended the market with a Vienna classic, the falafel kebab.  All which were absolutely incredible.

After the market, we made our way up into the mountains.  At the top, we went to a cafe, drank warm coffee and enjoyed the views of Vienna from above.  We watched the sunset and saw Vienna both during the day and at night.  At night, it only became more beautiful.

Later that night, we went and indulged in some wine.  We drank wine, ate bread, and it was so wonderful to get spend time with friends.

Our last day in Vienna we went to the famous Prater (A famous ferris wheel). We saw the whole city from up above.  We could even see the mountain where we were the day before.

After the Prater, we went downtown to try a kasekrainer (a Viennese sausage stuffed with cheese). It was a delectable lunch and the most filling.

We then went back up to the mountain top for desert (Always have to make room for desert).  We had a traditional Viennese chocolate cake with ice cream on a top. It was a sweet way to end the trip.


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